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Experience Description

The Learning Center offers curriculum based nature and science programs for school children, especially in relationship to the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers, its history and natural resources. Our classes are taught by an experienced Naturalist who engages students in age-appropriate activities. Our Naturalist works with students in small, in-depth activities designed to engage them directly with science learning. Meets Wisconsin curriculum standards. Please call the Center to learn more at 715-262-0104.

Environmental Program Themes

Program Topics

Grades K-1: What is a River?

Through involving, hands on activities, explore the creatures that call the Mississippi River home. Discover what life needs to survive in this mighty river.

Grade 2: Wings over the Mississippi.

Through games and authentic experiences, find out all about birds: why they migrate, what adaptations they use to find food and what bird behavior means.

Grade 3: Life in the Mississippi.

Examine how the adaptations of fish, clams and other animals help them survive in their specific habitats. Through the use art, science and games students will gain knowledge of river life.

Grade 3: Rocks and Minerals.

A hands-on classroom experience focusing on types of rocks, hardness testing, and identification of local rock types. A Traveling Naturalist classroom program. Meets WI grade 3 Science standards.

Grade 4: The early European Fur Trade and the northern forests and waters

The past becomes the present on the Mississippi, seek out how the river provided life for not only a rich variety of animals, but people as well. Understand about the days when the river was the highway for exploration and trade. We will focus on the fur trade and the Dakota people. Hands-on experiences, furs, games and more. Meets WI curriculum standards and is also offered as a classroom Traveling Naturalist Program.

Grades 5-8: Mississippi River Watershed.

Take an incredible journey to realize the value of the water cycle, learn what a watershed consists of and how human actions can be both positive and negative for the river. We will use an Enviroscape model to define both point and non-point pollution.

Grades 5-8: Mississippi River at Work and Play.

The "lazy river" is a working river. From past to present explore how travel, industry, transportation and recreation revolve around the river. Discuss how just one river can do it all, or can it.

Traveling Naturalist Program

Grade 3 (Rocks and Minerals) and grade 4 (The Fur Trade) classroom programs available. The Naturalist and a Traveling Trunk provide educational, engaging programs which meet WI curriculum standards. 45-90 minutes.

Special Considerations

Please discuss with the scheduler if you wish to adapt topics to other grade levels. We will try to meet your needs.

Fees: Please call the Center, 715-262-0104 to make arrangements. $3/student


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